Interim Management

Are you looking for a temporary management position, or someone to lead your project? FenterDaniels has the skills, experience and resources to reach this. We have an extended network with independent, interim professionals in which we can always find the perfect candidate for you. Our interim professionals not only offer you with a temporary solution by filling in your open stops, but also offer a fresh pair of eyes on your organisation, which helps you and your organisation to objectively analyze your ongoing operations. 

Recruitment & selection

FenterDaniels always finds the perfect candidate. We connect talented professionals within the fields of Engineering and Finance to your organisation. Our in-house team of recruiters is capable of quickly finding the perfect candidate, even if your standards are high and the time-frame is short. By combining our divers background with a high degree of profesionalism, we are able to quickly operate within different disciplines in the most efficient way. 

Recruitment services

The strength of human capital

FenterDaniels attatches a lot of value to the needs of our relatoins. Both candidates and clients. Correctly calibrating competences and ambition is the key to our succes. We try to be the link that connects ambition. Big ambition, small ambition, but mostly realistic ambition. Because ambitions without the right amount of competences makes mediating very hard, even for FenterDaniels. 



You can call it our secret, maybe even our ambition. Connecting ambition!