About us

An introduction

FenterDaniels is a specialist recruitment firm with a dedicated focus on Finance and Engineering postions. Therefore, we say what we do, and do as we say. This helps us to achieve the best result when looking for hires, or when supporting temporary projects. Please feel free to look at our vacancies to find anything within your field! 

An inspiring legend

Curious how our name, FenterDaniels, originated? Visit this page where we will invite you to the Golden age and show how we got inspired by this example of perserverance, cooperation, and exploration. 

How we work

Professionalism and quality

We believe that professionalism and quality are essential in order to achieve results, especially in recruitment. Our recruitment consultants therefore are highly skilled, professional, and always strive for looking the best and most talented candidates for our clients. 


Although our operation is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, we have created a large and extensive network in which we can serve both our national and international clients. If you are looking for a candidate and experiencing trouble in the dutch market, why don't take it beyond our borders? We are actively looking for candidates within Europe and Asia on a regular base. 


The current market is characterized by instability and quick change. The demand may vary from day to day. Succesful organizations therefore must be able to quickly adapt in these changing markets, in which it is very important to quickly close your open vacancies. Our recruiters can help you with this. Our recruitment consultants have years of experience with short-notice recuirment, without doing any concessions on quality of professionalism.